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Don’t Invite Child Abuse In: 4 Tips to Protect Your Kids

A spirit of child abuse is not always easy to discern. Imagine an 8-year-old girl doing her homework at her grandma’s house waiting for her mom to pick her up for the ride home. Her grandma steps out for a minute, but in walks Tom, her grandmother’s “special friend.” Concentrated on finishing her task, the little girl pays him no attention. 

After finishing her assignment, she quickly puts away her homework and decides to head across the street to the park.  On her way out the door, Tom stops her and grabs her by the arm. 

She looks up at him, her big brown eyes filled with fear as this man begins kissing and touching her inappropriately.  Though she’s only 8, she knows what he was doing to her was wrong. 

Some kind of way, she manages to break away from his grasp and runs out of the house to the park.

Confused and uncertain about what happened to her that day, she didn’t say anything to her mother when she got home.  She wasn’t sure of how to address it and wondered if she’d imagined it all.  Her mother was in the kitchen cooking as she stood in the doorway nervous about what to say. 

She started to tell what happened, but changed her mind and went outside to play with the rest of the neighborhood girls instead. 

The little girl thought that her problem would just go away, however, it didn’t because the next week at her grandma’s, Tom was back.  She was uncomfortable being in her grandmother’s house but she knew she had to get her homework done. 

Knowing her grandmother was next door at the neighbor’s, the girl planned how she’d make her way out the spare room past her grandmother’s bedroom where Tom was watching TV, and out the door to the park. 

She figured she’d just run real fast past the bedroom then she’d be safe once she was out the door, but before she could make a dash for it, he grabbed her and pulled her into the large storage closet in the hall. 

Tom began kissing her like he did before and touching her in places he had no business. She tried to reach for the doorknob but he pushed her further back into the dark closet.  She began to cry and looked up at him through cloudy, tear-filled eyes. 

Maybe it was her tears, the fear on her face, or perhaps the grace of God. Whatever it was, he let her out of that closet. The girl ran so fast out of her grandmother’s house, she didn’t even look for cars as she crossed the street. 

She fled to the park and stayed there until she saw her mother’s car pull up.  When she got home, she told her mother everything and that was the last time she saw old nasty Mr. Tom. 

What a frightening position to be in for an 8-year-old girl, but when it happened, I learned from that scary encounter, at the young age of 8 to never leave your children alone with men you barely even know.   

Did you know you can invite a spirit of child abuse in and not even know it? Everyday in the media, you see different accounts of the same tragic story, ‘Child Sexually Assaulted, Killed by Mother’s Boyfriend’. That kind of behavior is a spirit.  An evil spirit sent for destruction and devastation.

I don’t know what it is that some women find so cute about leaving their children alone with a dude they’ve known for all of 2 seconds, but it’s disheartening to see sisters so willingly and carelessly lead their babies into a life of abuse or a premature death just to have a man or a false representation of one around. 

As mothers, it’s our job to do everything in our power to safeguard our children from danger and that includes who we allow to have access to them by the relationships we choose. 


The devil goes around looking for anyone to devour because his goal is to steal, kill, and destroy. John 10:10 


What better way to destroy you and who your children are to one day become than with a spirit of abuse or molestation.  Trauma like that can have devastating effects that follow them well into adulthood and the damage can take years to repair.  Today, I want to discuss 4 tips to put into practice to protect your children from a spirit of child abuse.


1.  Do your research.

You see and hear about it all too often, woman meets a guy, they hit it off well, and after a short while of dating, he quickly moves in. The next thing you know, something sinister takes place and he’s either abusing or fatally injures her child and she never saw it coming. Some guys put on one face to get you and reveals his true one after he’s got you. 

An evil spirit won’t always reveal itself right away. That’s why it’s important to do your research on folks.  In this digital age, you can find anything and anybody.  Search county court dockets, social media, Google, or do background checks to see who these guys really are before you go moving someone into your home.  Don’t make the mistake of letting a monster in.


2.  Watch your kids’ behavior around him.

Kids can sense a spirit that’s evil and if they’re uncomfortable or fearful whenever he’s around, something ain’t right with him.  Some guys will purposely pick you out just to gain access to your children.  Don’t let someone hurt your children or disrupt the peace they’re used to having and you keep him around. 

3.  Don’t fill the void with just anybody.

Don’t be so desperate to have somebody that you let any old Joe fill the void. He may says he loves you but how does he feel about your children?  How does he treat them? Does he include them in plans? How does he interact with them?  Does he even want children, including yours? 

If a man doesn’t want your children around, then he doesn’t want you around either.  If he doesn’t view them as bonus extensions of you, he’s not fit to be around them in any capacity. Don’t settle for any body just to say you got somebody.


4.  Don’t leave your kids with any and everybody.

Would you walk up to a complete stranger on the street and ask him to watch your daughter? If not, don’t be leaving your children with a man you’ve only known for a couple months. That’s not adequate time to even know someone enough to entrust our most valuable blessings. 

Many women have made this mistake only to find their child gravely hurt or deceased when they return. Love your kids enough to not let your infatuation be the cause of their expiration.


Can you imagine the man you thought you knew punching your daughter until life drains from her little body? Or how about your son being beaten unconscious because he accidentally wet the bed while you’re at work? 

I know as a single mother that season can feel lonely and empty at times. However, don’t let a demon into your home because you’re lonely

Pray for discernment, clarity of mind, and peace in your singleness.  You need that to make the right relationship decisions for yourself and your kids too. 

Remember, we have been chosen by God to bring up strong, healthy, righteous individuals. We cannot do that when we make poor relationship decisions. 

God has entrusted us to be stewards over His little ones. We’ll have to give an account to Him if we mismanage the blessing He’s given us in them. I urge you to be selective in who has access to your children. Don’t let a spirit of child abuse creep into your home. A man we invite in should help us lift our kids up, not tear them down and destroy them.


Wanna learn how to discern the spirits?  Click Here.


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