surviving mother's day when mother is gone
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Surviving Mother’s Day When Mother Is Gone

Surviving Mother’s Day when mother is gone is not an easy feat. While many are online shopping, debating whether to dine out or practice social distancing, some are still grieving the loss, just trying to make it through the day.

Here we are, approaching another Mother’s Day, showering the women of our lives with gifts. Unfortunately, that is not my reality. For the past 19 years, I’ve spent Mother’s Day in solitude visiting my mom’s grave site. Who knew that year 2000 would be the last Mother’s Day for me to physically be with my mom? Or that I would no longer be able to buy my mom cute cards and flowers? I didn’t.

As time passes by, it doesn’t get easier as they say.  Just easier to deal with. Moments where I feel as though I want to pick up my phone to call and share exciting news, I can’t. When I’m in need of relationship advice, I’m unable to get it.

I live my life with no regrets, but had I known that I would no longer get to physically shower my mom with love and gifts on Mother’s Day, I would’ve done things a little differently. Oftentimes, we as women feel as though we’re grown and mom can’t tell us anything. The reality of it is that she’s just preparing you for what’s to come in life. I miss those moments more and more everyday.

If you still have your mom here in the physical, I admonish you to cherish each day with her. The obvious reality is, you only get ONE! If you have a Godly mother who took care of you, love on her as much as you can. My hope is that you take advantage of those moments to do things that you can look back on and appreciate. Make memories that will last a lifetime even after her departure from this world.

Some days, especially on Mother’s Day, I just wish I had more time with my mom in the physical. I feel her presence always and know she’s watching over me, but would give anything to see her face, hear her laugh and just love on her some more.

Please don’t take the time you have with her for granted because it’s fleeting. You don’t want to have regrets should you ever find yourself surviving Mother’s Day when mother is gone.

If you are struggling to survive Mother’s Day now that your mother is gone, remember the good times you had with her. Reflect on all the things she instilled in you and keep her wisdom down on the inside of you. Share that wisdom with others and be the mother to someone else that she was to you. We are taught to teach, blessed to bless, and comforted to comfort. Be the legacy of her time here on earth and the woman of God she’d be proud of today.


As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you.

(Isaiah 66:13, ESV)


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